H.ABC is the result of the study carried out by Sixton Peak's Research and Development laboratory for the creation of an innovative line of Horeca antibacterial footwear (hotels, restaurants, catering) for men and women. Comfortable and safe, designed for those standing many hours on slippery floors, they guarantee grip, stability and foot health of the highest standard. The upper and sole material properties developed by Sixton Peak minimize the contamination risk by preventing the growth, reproduction and propagation of microorganisms such as yeasts, molds and fungi.

HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Catering)

H.ABC® protection is effective
against the most common bacteria,
yeasts, molds and fungi.

Sixton Peak®, synonymous with top-quality work shoes, now offers a very high-quality shoe for people working in the HORECA sector (hotels, restaurants, catering), in the food and pharmaceutical industries, in electronics and in aseptic and medical environments, conceived as a real shield against bacteria.

calzature antibatteriche
firmate Sixton Peak

ALBA 95428-00 - Size: 35 - 42

ADRIA 94390-03 - Size: 38 - 48

ALA 95429-00 - Size: 35 - 42

AVOLA 94389-02 - Size: 38 - 48

CHIUSI 95430-00 - Size: 35 - 42

CREMA 94394-02 - Size: 38 - 48

ALBA HIGH 95442-00 - Size: 35 - 42

ADRIA HIGH 94391-02 - Size: 38 - 48

H.ABC® shoes go beyond the characteristics of the classic models suitable for HACCP environments and represent the result of a research that Sixton Peak® has carried out internationally to find the best possible solution to the problem of bacterial contamination. By intervening on the properties of the upper and the sole materials, Maspica SpA has created a shoe with characteristics that reduce and prevent bacterial settlements.

A real added value of Certified Quality

With H.ABC® shoes, those who work in HORECA facilities, food industry, healthcare or pharmaceutical industries, can be sure that Sixton Peak has developed the best solution and alternative to the risks of contamination.

Conceived as a real shield against bacteria H.ABC®
minimizes the risk of being a carrier of contamination,
preventing micro-organisms from growing and reproducing,
limiting contamination between various departments.

H.ABC®: impeccable style, unrivaled benefits.

The family of Sixton Peak® H.ABC® safety shoes is rich in variety of models and careful design, always in full respect of the great traditions of Made in Italy.

This new project by Maspica SpA was created for a product that is increasingly suited to the various work environments, such as HORECA, adding up to the traditional range of Sixton Peak® products, known for the outstanding design of the models, cutting-edge technologies, innovation of materials and the latest generation of microfibers: components selected and tested by treatments designed to ensure extraordinary performance in terms of grip and stability, wellbeing and foot safety.


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